Local Electrician Gets Business On the Map with a New Website

XAAG Solutions, an Electrical Contractor in Central Florida, had recently launched its business. They knew that in order to succeed they needed a website as social proof and to attract new customers.

The challenge was to use their current branding to make a cohesive website. We definitely wanted to make this new business stand out. So we got to work!

Website Strategy

Once we discussed their needs and objectives, we started with low fidelity mockup of their website. It gave us a good idea of the content we would need to gather.

Then, we dived right into development. We made sure to include all of the essential information their ideal clients would be looking for. The result was amazing! Take a look for yourself:

Final Design

The final design included an attractive Home Page, with a clear call-to-action button, a list of services, and a contact form. It also included 4 pages (Services, About, Gallery, and Contact).

Their website design included a contact form on every page to make it very easy for users to get in touch.

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